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House and Furniture

So six months ago I bought a house. Three bed, two bath, 1600 square feet, pretty nice little house. I’m slowly turning it into very nerdy automated house. I’m trying to take advantage of all the technology available today, so that my house is efficient...

Buttered Spud

Short Story for Frankly Today before I got to work I emailed my manager Doug Spaw to inform him that I will be going to building 2, to finish up what I could not complete yesterday. After arriving at building 2 I finished encrypting a director’s laptop, and...


I made some dealing with AT&T and got lucky with a new HTC One X phone. This is the first Android phone I have had. Everything else up to this point has been iPhone or way back in the day a crappy Windows 5 something phone… First I would like to go over the...

Drop Me a Line

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